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journalists charged today. dan rivers joins us from london to talk about this. dan, they're accused of illegally eavesdropping on the voicemails of some of the world's biggest celebrities, but also a murder victim as well. remind us just how big this case has become. >> reporter: oh, it's become vast. we're only really at the beginning of the legal process here. we've got eight people charged today with hacking phones or commissioning people to hack phones. they include rebecca brooks, one rupert murdoch's most trusted executives, the ceo of news international. her deputy andy colson has been charged with five different counts. he, of course, went on to be a communications director for the british prime minister, so there are political implications. we have a whole slew of other senior journalists on the newspaper who have also been charged. but the victims, we're getting more and more information about the variety of people whose phones it is alleged were intercepted or hacked into. sir paul mccartney, jude law, sigh ena miller, brad pitt, angelina jolie, politicians, sports stars.
and the loss of lives has only increased, which tells us that this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. >> in these circumstances, it is ever more imperative that the international community including all players who have influence bring pressure to bear on the assad regime to implement in full the annan plan to stabilize the country and allow an orderly transition of power. >> so hala, you have even general secretary ban ki-moon speaking out against this, and you the world united saying this is awful and chaos. what will it take do you think before you have world leaders who are going to take a more active role in intervening? >> well, the world is the united is saying that it is awful, but the world is certainly not united in how to approach and solve the crisis. you have on the one hand russia and china and then the western powers. at 3:00 p.m. there was a u.n. security council vote to condemn the actions in syria, and russia did not want the sanctions included, but western powers did. we have heard from two sources that kofi annan has asked the united kingdom and france
right. it is the first stop overseas as candidate for a u.s. president mitt romney in london. he will meet with british political leaders. romney arrived in london earlier today and the trip is an attempt to build his foreign policy credentials ahead of the november election. a romney aide says it is about locking arms with the allies. from london, romney travels to israel and then on to poland. >>> busiest destination of the day today, well, that would be london. about 100,000 people a day are arriving at heathrow airport. olympic athletes and fans from practically every country on earth, and the olympic flame has not even been lit yet. they are calling today, day minus two, with some events already beginning. the first women's soccer match kicked off today in wales, and this is the rough part for the drivers in london, the traffic lanes reserved just for the olympic athletes and officials get caught in one of those lanes, and it is a $200 fine. >>> so the london olympic venue is an ocean away from the bronx, a long way to go for one american teenager who has spent his life prep
newsroom" international. it is the u.s. versus france as well, and we are keeping an eye on that women's olympic soccer happening right now in london. hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux, and we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. >>> this is the scene in aleppo, syria, today. intense fighting between the rebel forces and government troops. the military is sending 2,000 more troops in an effort to retake the city. meanwhile, turkey announced, it is closing the border with syria, and thousands have fled across the border to escape the violence. the al qaeda-linked group known as the islamic state of iraq is claiming responsibility for the attack that killed and wounded hundreds of people this week alo alone. the group posted the claims online describing the attacks as a start of new state of jihad. monday was the deadliest day of the year. 103 people died in bombings and shootings throughout the country, and most of those targeted were shiite muslims. >>> a spectacular view in southern japan. one of the country's most active vol volcanoes erupted
of minutes, but first, we are getting kwoword of a u.s. milit crash in oman which happened 15 miles from the country's capital. five crew members were on board, and the condition is not clear. military officials don't know what caused this crash, but they say it was not attacked. >>> in northern columbia, a 3-year-o missing for an entire day was finally rescued from a sewer. you have to watch this. the boy had been playing in a construction zone with his brothers when he disappeared, and now he is safe and sound. the. >>> a suicide bomber had a michigan driver's license and that is what officials in bulgaria are saying today and we are talking about the explosion that killed five israeli tourists and a bus driver which happened yesterday outside of an airport on the bulgaria's black seacoast, and they say that the michigan driver's license was probably a phony. we have surveillae footage of the man who may have set off this bomb. this is the airport, and this is in burgas, bull garia, and they believe that the man in shorts carrying the backpack is the man and the bomb. i want to go to a
exploded. tell us more about this fake driver's license and what are the mistaking away from that? >> well, basically, they have narrowed it down to this person, because he was the only person killed in the blast who could not be identify ied. what they did find on him was this u.s. driver's license apparently from michigan, but it has been proven to be fake. so they cannot tell who is he is at this point, and you know what the nationality is. and having said that, several reports in the last few minutes by a bulgarian media saying that the name is meti gonzali and we have not confirmed that yet, but the bulgarian authorities believe it is a suspected suicide bomber, and they rick mag the conclusion not just from the security camera that they have released where you can see him sort of going around the terminal and checking it out an hour before the explosion, but also from the evidence on the ground and particularly in the way that the explosives were detonated and the way that his body parts were found indicate that it was a suicide bombing. >> atika, by that name that you gave us, do yo
much for keeping us posted in london. appreciate that. in the meantime, all about the games and no denying that michael phelps is one of the top u.s. athletes of all time, and his fans will watch to see if he increases the medal total including 14 golds. of course sh, his temate ryan o locte is trying to outperform him. >> and i am try nog overthink it and last time i will do this or that, but there are going to be a lot of emotional things throughout the week and i am trying to save as much emotional energy for those times. you will see a lot of amazing races, and this is the olympics and the biggest of the big and the show. it is like the super bowl of swimming. it's fastest people, and the fastest swimmers in the world will be here and ready to swim. >> the super bowl of all sports as some olympic events have already begun and there has already been at least one embarrassment. the north korean women's soccer team walked off of the field yesterday when the flag of south korea was mistakingly flashed on the big screen in their match of colombia, and the two countries have
on a medication or something? or is he aware? can you tell us something that would affect his demeanor that seemed -- >> we would have no information about that. that is something that would not be shared with us. >> as the district attorney here, and long time prosecutor, from the outset, does this seem as though it is a slam dunk case given the evidence that you have amassed so far? >> i would say there is no such thing as slam dunk case. it is a case where we are still looking at the enormous amount of evidence, and we would nef presu -- never presume it is slam dunk. we will work hard on this case to prosecute it just like any other case. >> and what about what he was arrested on? >> i am aware that you are not an officer, but was it your decision, would this be a death penalty case? >> i don't think that is a case that can be made in the abstract. there is so much that victims have to take into account, and victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years if, if the death penalty is sought. that is a very long process. that impacts their lives for years. and so they will
make a difference and if you have someone in mind, nominate them and tell us their story at cnnheroes.com. thanks for watching, everyone, you can continue the con vaersitivaeco conversation with me @kyracnn. cnn continues right now. >>> all right. let the games begin and hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta and we will go straight to london where of course the countdown is on for the opening ceremonies. it is a big exciting time, and millions of people are all descending on london, and watching from around the world. our becky anderson is there in what has kind of been called the fun zone tor fan zone, and it is a fun zone, too. and you can see the folks poured out there. bec becky, give us a preview of what is happening with the countdown being on at least for the u.s. and other parts of the world to get a chance to see the opening ceremonies. >> that is right. we are what for hours away and counting now. you can really feel the buzz in london. i'm at hyde park, and one of the big zones and one of the four acts that will connect into the opening ceremony which is at th
the shooting took place. where were you in the theater sitting? set the scene for us. >> okay. so it was not towards the middle of the theater, but like middle and more down towards the ais s aisles. it was pretty close to the balcony side where the handicaps would sit, but five aisles up from there. >> and how far into the movie were we? >> it was 15 to 20 minutes into the movie. i have been hearing stuff and people saying that there was an action scene going on when the shooting happened, but there was no shooting, because it was alfred talking to bruce wayne and in the middle of the conversation, you see like on the screens right here, the bright side of the door and the exit door opens up and then something comes up flying up through the air and then it hits like, hits people like sitting down. and at first we thought it was part of the show, because we thought that people were trying to hype people up as to the new batman movie and throwing stuff s, because in the shadow, it looked like it could have been a toy bat or whatever, and right from there when happened, there was
or this or that and he never used it as an excuse and came out every single night on the court to do what he had to do to get the job done, and that is what champions do. it does not matter what else is going on when you walk into the arena or whatever you excel at, and you are there to take care of the job that you have to do. >>> michael phelps, and clip there from the interview i conducted with him airing monday night and i inspire you to watch it, because it is a conversation with america's greatest olympian, and the only person who could stop michael phelps firm firmly in his gold medal winning tracks is ryan lochte, a brilliant swimming rival and i have been joined by his mother. how nervous are you feeling about that? >> a lot. i am sure about the swimming, i know that he has done everything that he possibly could, and he has done the extra training to get to where he feels confident about himself, but as far as the mom, i'm so nervous for him. >> and if i were in a olympic competition, my mother would be literally hyperventilating. >> i probably am, but thank goodness for the p&g house. >> and
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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